Montana Voter Project

The Montana Voter Project works in collaboration with election officials, Clerk and Recorders, Tribal Governments, legislative bodies, and organizations across the state to support access and security for all Montana voters. This project serves as a liaison to the public — keeping Montana voters up to date on any changes to election processes or election law.

Through communication and engagement, the Montana Voter Project seeks to support and improve upon the work of election officials in ways that maintain the efficacy and efficiency of our elections.

The Montana Voter Project is committed to best practices and modernizing our election system to ensure both election officials and voters alike have access to a functional, efficient, and approachable election system.

Montana Counts 2020

Montana Counts is a statewide coalition of advocacy groups, service providers, and community organizations joined together to build an education and outreach efforts for a fair and accurate 2020 census. Our members represent communities across Montana, working to ensure that every Montanan counts in the 2020 Census.